• How many elastics does this TN have?

It has 2 elastic strings in the leather cover and 1 separate elastic.
With the separate elastic, you can put back to back 2 notebooks. In total, you can easily fit 4 notebooks inside the cover.

  • Is there a pen holder?

There is no classic pen holder, but you can use the leather piece on the exterior elastic as a pen loop.

2in1 penholder no hanging out

+ Another traveler’s notebook hack is to use paper clamps to attach the pen to a notebook. The added advantage to the T&M leather journal is that the cover is a little bit wider so your pen will always fit inside safely.

  • Can I buy the notebook inserts separately?

Not yet, but we are working on it. We really like the paper too.

  • Do you ship outside the US?

At the moment no. But, we are making efforts to make this happen.

  • Can you add more notebooks?

Yes, but you might not like the look of it. You can add 2 more and still be manageable, but it might hang out a bit.
The thing is the inserts inside are quite thick (100gsm paper). With thinner inserts, it would be easier.

Not what you wanted to know?

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