Traveler&more started out as a combination of entrepreneurial desire, a passion for nice things (especially stationery, books and traveling) and a wish to provide value to others. We are still very young (and we plan on never growing old – at least at heart) and have a lot to learn.

Traveler&more seeks to add value through simple and quality goods (notebooks, stationery in general and travel accessories) that helps you enjoy the smalls things around and within yourself.

Our vision

Beautiful tools to enjoy life

Our mission

We create and use instagramolicious and/or pinterestocious tools to help you simplify, understand and enjoy the little moments.

Our 10+1 values

1) INTEGRITY – The truth is important to us. We are fans of it and we appreciate it from others.

2) HARMONY – We have a balanced lifestyle. Health, family, career, hobbies, and friends are equally important.

3) OPTIMISM – is the superpower of seeing in the future you want to be living in. We look forward to life and the future.

4) DEDICATION – We get involved body and soul in what we do. We give 100% every time.

5) PERFORMANCE – Our goal is not to be good, but exceptional. We strive to offer even better services not just most of the time, but all of the time.

6) DEVELOPMENT – We rely on tested and validated knowledge and practices. We focus on the continuous education and development of ourselves and our customers.

7) PERSEVERANCE – In one way or another, we reach our proposed goals.

8) TESTING and UPGRADING – We use our products in our everyday life (#selfexperimentation). Our products are the result of scratching our own itch and making our own and our clients live better.

9) TEAMWORK – We work together to achieve much faster, much better and much easier all our proposed personal and professional goals.

10) RECEPTIVITY – We act with an open mind, embrace new ideas and consider new opportunities for success.

10+1) GRATEFUL – We say thank you as often as possible. We celebrate and give back the good we receive.

Our guarantee

We are not perfect, even though we aim to be. Our products are made to be useful, beautiful and bring joy to the user. And with all of our research, procedures, and attention to details, mistakes will still happen. And that is ok. Through mistakes, we learn to make it better.

Even more common than a mistake is a difference of opinions or expectations. And, when it comes to products that are mostly handmade, this happens every now and then.

We believe that the perfection of our products is always in the eyes of the user. That’s why we appreciate your feedback and an open mind. There’s always a solution to any problem.

Taking all of this into consideration we’ve created a „Make it better” guarantee 🙂 Instead of an 11-page leaflet with small print about what the guarantee covers and under what conditions and how it will be voided, we offer you a simple and effective promise:

We want happy customers, and if you are not one of them just tell us about your experience and we guarantee to try and try to make it better or give you your money back. Simple and useful.