Refillable Leather Traveler’s Notebook

THICK LEATHER: this soft and supple leather journal is thick enough to go on a lifetime adventure while developing your own personal patina

HIGH-QUALITY PAPER: these cream sturdy paper inserts will have you putting pen on paper just for the pleasure of it

WIDE COVER: the extra wide leather travelers notebook cover perfectly fits all the accessories with 0.5-inch room for 1-2 pens to sit safely

FOUR NOTEBOOK INSERTS: with these Blank, Lined, Graph and Hourly Planner inserts you don’t have to worry about carrying around another notebook or choose what you wont to write down

GIFT WRAPPED: order this refillable notebook and gift it without any other wrapping. The nice packaging gives the impression of a vintage present and creates a satisfying unboxing experience too

⑥ GREAT REVIEWS: black leather journal bundle to good to be true for this price? Read the reviews and see for yourself before you buy!

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Just like You, we love nice things too!
That is why we spent months researching, testing out different sizes, types of leather, paper and other details that are important to you. The result is a PREMIUM LEATHER NOTEBOOK made for people who enjoy putting pen to paper.

We use LEATHER that is soft enough to feel great in your hands yet robust enough to hold its shape gracefully. Through daily handling, your handmade crazy horse leather cover will soften up and develop a gorgeous patina.

Besides its timeless look, it’s a joy to use. This premium refillable journal is wide enough to fit all the inserts included without any of them sticking out, but it also comfortably fits in your bag. The leather cover is around an inch wider than the same size Midori brand notebook. So, you can fit more inserts inside without the fear of them hanging out.

You should know that at traveler&more when we say „lifetime adventure” we mean it. This easy to use traveler’s notebook allows you to quickly change out any insert or add a few more if you need to. In addition to this, the entire journal system has been overbuilt:

  • all the elastic strings are 1 mm (3/64 inches) thick, chunky enough to hold everything together, yet thin enough to not put to much strain on the leather or on the notebooks
  • the elastic strings are secured with a knot, so they can be conveniently swapped out if you wish to change the color or they get too worn
  • the exterior elastic string has a leather piece to protect the cover edges from getting damaged by the elastic
  • all the holes in the leather cover are reinforced with brass fittings to protect it from the daily wear and there

Taking all this into consideration, if you take good care of this leather journal you could use it for a whole lifetime.

Thanks to its Vinyl Card Holder / Zip Pouch and Kraft Pocket / Envelope, this multi-tool journal not only will it become part of your EDC (Every Day Carry) setup, it might just become your entire EDC. With enough pockets for cash, cards, maps etc. you can either take it along with your wallet or use it as your wallet too.

Nobody likes See-through, Ghosting or Bleeding. That is why with our balanced 100 gsm (68lbs) CREAM PAPER writing in this minimalist travelers notebook is a real PLEASURE. And, with 80 pages (40 sheets) / insert, the pleasure goes on and on for quite a long time. The paper has a nice crisp feeling and is similar to a lighter card stock. Also, the printed design is a light shade of grey that kind of fades away after you write on the page.

Small details about:

  • the GRAPH insert: the grid lines are 0.2 inches apart with 21 horizontal squares and 43 vertical squares;
  • the LINED insert has 28 dotted lines that are 0.28″ apart;
  • the undated hourly PLANNER insert has the same distance between the lines as the lined insert and it goes from 1 AM to 12 PM. This schedule was chosen for 2 reasons:
    • Some of us have very different active hours, so it would have been unfair for those who work at night or get up very early to tell them to start their day at 5 AM
    • also, the lines that you don’t use to plan anything (usually sleeping hours) are available for a TODO list or just to jot something down.
  • the BLANK insert: even though it handles gracefully most writing and sketching instruments (pencils, ballpoint pens, fountainhead pens, crayons etc) it does not replace an actual drawing notebook (watercolors and wetter fountainhead pens are not recommended for this type of paper).
Art by Sarica Feng
Art by Sarica Feng
Art by Sarica Feng

VERSATILITY is another key feature:

  • Journaling,
  • Planning,
  • Multimedia sketchbook,
  • Nature journal,
  • Scrapbook,
  • Diary,
  • Travel,
  • Sketch,
  • Notepad,
  • Drawing,
  • Study,
  • Habit tracker,
  • Faith journal,
  • Bible notes,
  • Mother-daughter journal,
  • Meal Planner,
  • Gratitude Journal
  • and much much more.

With 4 DIFFERENT notebooks, you get a lot more OPTIONS!

Art by Quinn Bouley

Need a thoughtful PRESENT fast? No matter the occasion:

  • Christmas,
  • Mother’s day,
  • Going away present,
  • Father’s Day,
  • Graduation,
  • Starting a new project,
  • Anniversary,
  • Birthday,
  • „Get well soon” gift
  • Promotion,
  • Business present
  • or just to show your appreciation,

This genuine leather journal comes gift wrapped in a vintage kraft GIFT BOX ready for that special someone (man, woman, boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, husband, wife, colleague etc) to enjoy.

  • 1 Full Grain Crazy Horse Leather Cover (with 2 elastic strings in the spine + 1 extra elastic to hookup 2 inserts together)
  • 1 string bookmark with leather embossed charm at the end of it
  • 4 x 80-page regular size (8.5 inches * 4.5 inches) notebook inserts (Plain, Grid, Lined and Day planner)
  • 1 Vinyl Card Holder / Zip Pouch
  • 1 Kraft Pocket / Envelope
  • 1 Kraft Present Box

With our 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE, you can only go right!
Add to cart and enjoy!

*Free shipping for Amazon Prime members


*Free shipping for Amazon Prime members

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When can I expect my order to arrive?

A: Once your order is placed then the time varies, depending on your location and the type of shipping you choose, but typically it takes around 2-7 working days anywhere in the USA.

Q: How many elastics does this TN have?

A: It has 2 elastic strings in the leather cover spine and 1 separate elastic.
With the separate elastic, you can put back to back 2 notebooks. In total, you can easily fit 4 notebooks inside the cover.

Q: Will it hold more notebooks than the ones included in the bundle?

A: Yes, but you might not like the look of it. You can add 2 more and still be fairly manageable, but it might hang out a bit.
The thing is the inserts inside are quite thick (40 sheets of 100gsm paper). With thinner inserts, it would be easier.

Q: Can I order this journal if I live outside the US?

A: Yes, but the cost of shipping and delivery time are bigger – usually around 7-17 working days.

Q: How do I track my order?

A: If you don’t receive your tracking number automatically, you just need to send your order number and details to our Support Department and we will get in touch with you. Email:

Q: Is there a pen holder?

A: There is no classic pen holder, but you flip inside out the leather piece on the exterior elastic you can use it as a pen loop

+ You can use bulldog clips to attach the pen to a notebook. Another advantage of the T&M leather journal is that the cover is a little bit wider so your pen will always fit inside safely.