Finding the perfect notebook is never an easy job, even if you know exactly what you’re looking for. Because you always have the feeling there is always something better out there. And you’re probably right 😀

But, the best way to overcome this is to just try something that appeals to you and adjust as you go. The beauty of a traveler’s notebook is that you can keep experimenting until you find the perfect combination. And, most likely, you will experiment even after you find your ideal setup. Life’s too short not too.

Taking all this into consideration here are 2 great options just for you:

a) Get our free gift before you buy and find out 90% of what you need to know about traveler’s notebooks without spending endless hours scouring the net.

b) Get a lot more bang for your buck with our vintage leather notebook starter bundle. Check it out directly on!

When you purchase from us today, here’s just some of the things you can look forward to:

1) Aromatic leather scent (pleasant, not obnoxious) and a thick supple cover that will make you take it along wherever you go.

Some say it smells like a “brand new pair of leather shoes. :-)”

supple leather notebook

2) Easily rub away light scuffs and marks. Thanks to the special wax treatment, it is easy to transform light marks from daily use into gorgeous shades of experience unique only to your leather cover.

leather journal maintenance

3) A regular format notebook, but with a little extra leather on the sides. Wide enough to easily fit 4 notebooks + 2 pocket inserts without it all hanging out of the cover, yet small enough to carry by hand or in your daily bag.

4) Rich and solid cream premium paper (100 gsm) that works well with most writing instruments.

Even though results may vary from nib to nib, you will find yourself turning a crisp piece of paper that is fairly resistant to ghosting, feathering, see-through and yet it is not as thick as the cover 🙂

wet fountain pen friendly paper

5) Each cut of leather is organic, handmade and unique. Coloring may appear slightly different from images. Even though each leather cover went through the same preparation process (buffing, dyeing, cutting, etc.) you will never find 2 identical pieces of leather.

6) The cover will soften and develop a natural glossy patina through daily handling. Thanks to the crazy horse leather (actually cow) it is built to take a beating, but just as a horse saddle or a nice vintage leather bag, it will only get better looking with age.

7) For less than the price of a movie and popcorn for 2, you get a full grain leather classic notebook system (already stocked with inserts to get you started) that you can use for a lifetime or even more ( you can put it in your will :D)

thick vintage leather TN8) Once that you’re done with an insert you can easily replace it. The simple and intuitive elastic string system lets you rearrange, swap out, add or take out the inserts as you wish.

blank lined grid planner notebooks
Even though the cover already holds 4 notebooks and 2 storage inserts, with an extra elastic you can probably squeeze in another 2 (it will be bulkier and harder to use if you do this).

9) Set up and ready to use with not 1, but 4 notebook inserts (4 different styles) and 2 storage inserts (1 vinyl + 1 craft).

10) One of the joys of a traveler’s notebook is the seemingly endless options of customization. Pinterest and Instagram are full of ideas.

So, as not limit your imagination too much, we’ve focused on providing you a minimal style quality journal that lets you customize it as much as possible.

Here is what you get from traveler&more:

  • 1 Crazy horse leather cover – this alone is worth more than the asking price (actual buyers think so)
  • 4 notebook inserts 8.5 x 4.5 inch (blank, grid, lined and planner) – 40 sheets / 80 pages per notebook insert
  • 1 vinyl card holder/zip bag (store cash, cards, receipts)
  • 1 craft pocket folder (store tickets, maps, flyers)craft pocket folder (store tickets, maps, flyers)
  • 1 vintage craft paper box
  • and a tone of new adventures and beautiful spreads 😀

100% satisfaction guaranteed, if not contact us and it will be!

Treat yourself to this beautiful leather journal and stir up your creative juices with the unique sentiment of putting pen on paper!